Disruptions. What to do? What to do?


Last week I had one of those weeks where everything was going along swimmingly. Everything was going well, I was enjoying my visit with my son; I joined a gym that is fantastic! I survived my first workout and then I had an eye doctor appointment. No big deal, I thought, I just got new glasses last year. These should last for awhile. WRONG! I do need a new prescription and for me, lucky me, I need three pairs of glasses! Ugh. I need one for every day, sunglasses because cataracts have started developing and sunglasses help slow that down, and I need a pair for the computer. Oh and this year, I decided it would be great to see while at the pool so I ordered prescription goggles too. Well, that is actually four pairs. Sigh.

Okay, when I arrived home there was more unpleasant news. I received a nasty-gram from my bank that a check someone had written out to me, bounced. I wanted to deposit that to pay for the bounced check but the teller decided to deposit part of it and then withdraw it. The next day she withdrew the other half, not what I was expecting especially since I had not received the full amount from the person whose check it was that bounced. That threw me for a loop. Back to recalculating the budget. Help Letters Falling As Symbol For Support And Advice

Now back at home and waiting for tomorrow to make a deposit which will include the remainder I am owed. Since, all of this disruption, I  neglected my short story today. In need of a fun, well new fun activity I decided to  work with ScreenFlow. So, instead of working on my podcast that was supposed to be out this past Monday, I  had a marvelous time playing withScreenFlow and created a tutorial on Mind Mapping for you.

Play Time Written In Multicolored Plastic Kids Letters

However, I hit another snafu. I had a two week trial with ScreenFlow and today, I purchased it. Once you buy the product the watermark is supposed to go away. It did not. I made several attempts to remove it and not one worked. ScreenFlow people are Pacific Time. I had to wait for them to open before calling. Sigh.

Back to the drawing board with my short story. The deadline is August 31. I need to get it in gear and make it as perfect as I can and get it to Sinc before the deadline passes. My next step is to complete my Mind Map and then maybe do a plot point outline                                                                                        just to be sure I have all of my elements. Then, I will be on to my rough draft. I am looking forward to that.

Okay, where are you guys with your writing? What do you do when disruption strikes? My health issues kick in when I get a major disruption. I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. The fatigue is the killer and to the point that it prevents me from writing. I am going to try out my Dictation program that came with my Mac. I only recently discovered it. I will let you know how it goes. In the meantime, do share with my what you do when hit with disruptions? My go-to is self-care and fun things. Be sure to leave your reply in the comments below!

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