About Pen Wize

The Pen Wize podcast was created in June 2016 to provide a place where all kinds of writers can discuss the process of writing, issues that come up in writing, and their fears surrounding writing.  I have spoken with many people who say they used to write, want to write, or want to get back their writing but don’t know how to get going. After a series of excuses about life getting in the way, each one finished with, “it is lonely solitary life…” True, but it no longer has to be that way.

In addition to the podcast, there is a Facebook Group, Pen Wize, and there are Write-ins. Write-ins are times I set up specific times and dates for us all (whoever can) get together and write via one of the internet venues such as Google Hangout. It is a fabulous way to have company while we write, take short breaks to clear up a writing question, and socialize a bit. For example, there will be times the writing session goes long enough we will need a meal break. Each person prepares something simple and then brings it back to eat along with everyone else that day.

Each site is meant to be interactive and proactive. You can call me, leave a voicemail, message me or email with your writing questions, writing life questions, and topics you would like to see covered on the Pen Wize podcast.

May find joy here and be productively writing!

Chanah Liora