Writing A Lonely Venture?


 Who Says Writers Have to Be Lonely?

Hello, and welcome to my new blog and podcast. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get my butt in gear. I have been a slave to procrastination due to my fear of doing what I have dreamed of doing since I was six years old. That dream? To become a writer and well, an artist too. Oh to be a published writer and accomplished artist. And reading, of course, lots of reading good quality books, not shlock. What a life it is turning out to be! Won’t you join me? How about it? Do you struggle with wanting to write but seem never get down to it? Do you enjoy reading? You know what they say? Safety in numbers. So join me, right here at penwize.net., in my Facebook Group, Pen Wize, and of course my podcast, Pen Wize launching on June 27th, 2016.

Why join me? My blog and podcast will provide a safe place that will be motivating, inspirational, and most importantly, non-judging. Painting will be highly encouraged as will the consumption of chocolate and perhaps some red wine. Why painting? Because I love it too paint and who doesn’t enjoy chocolate?

When I get stuck, or my eyes are tired I shift over from writing to painting for a little while. They feed each; the writing feeds the painting, and the painting feeds the writing. The arts are like that you know. They like company. As long as it does not interfere with your primary goal, writing, go ahead and indulge. Don’t be surprised if other areas of the arts beckon to you.

If you have been waiting for some help to get started writing (whether it be creative writing, memoir, mystery, poetry, freelance or non-fiction) to get back to writing, or to continue with you writing, you have found the place. I promise you will be encouraged, supported, and loved. You will not be judged, harshly criticized or ridiculed. So join me! And let’s get started.

Launch day for my podcast, Pen Wize, is June 27th. You can find it iTunes. In the meantime, join the Pen Wize Facebook Group. It is a closed group for the privacy of our members, and I do vet members before admitting them into the group by checking out their FB pages thoroughly and other social media. The rules are few, and the atmosphere is light but proactive. Active participation will enhance your writing and make a productive writer.



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